A Pictorial Guide A Pictorial Guide

The Pictorial Guide is the first book ever done on PEZ® collecting (1991). It was mentioned in U.S. News and World Report, the LA Times, and the Chicago Tribune. It contains a rarity guide--not found in any other PEZ book--which is very useful.

Pictures are in full color and illustrate items in a simple, straightforward manner. This book is especially suited for children and beginning collectors. There is no price guide.

Also, an added feature is the pictures of other companies' dispensers like Totems, Smarties, Yummies, Etc. The Pictorial Guide is an excellent companion to Collecting PEZ®. It is 50 pages, softcover.

GOOD NEWS---after having no copies available for over 2 years, in November, 2002, I located just under 100 new condition copies in an old distributor warehouse. I will never reprint this title----this time when it's sold out, that's it!!

Soon, this book itself will become a PEZ® collector's item.


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