Collecting PEZ Collecting PEZ

Collecting PEZ® is my second book on the PEZ® hobby. This 1995 book consists of 344 glossy pages of fabulous PEZ® information. For a better idea of what you'll get, view the Table of Contents as it appears in the book.

For your online viewing, I've provided a partial transcript of an interview with Curt Allina. Curt Allina was the executive vice president of PEZ® from 1953-1979.

The checklist is a very complete and specific list that is the result of analyzing the thousands of dispensers that I have owned as well as those of several other major collectors. Here is an example of what the PEZ® Checklist looks like.

And lastly, you may click on the sample pages below to see them in larger scale. This is a very small sampling of the 300 photos contained in the book.

A few Pages...


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