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Action figure- Toy Biz Invisible Woman MOC150
    about as perfect as you can get! card is C9.8

Airplane 1920s Die-Cut Decoration Germany$225
    a really intriguing item that has a party decoration quality with the fold out crepe paper
body section; this item has to be seen to be believed; about 12 inches and very detailed and colorful; near mint

Aurora Batplane Model Kit SEALED MIB 1966sold
    as mint as you could hope to find but a magic marker price on the cello; ORIGINAL not a repro

Aurora Phantom of the Opera 1960sSEE EBAY
    The CLASSIC and ORIGINAL issue 1963 Aurora Phantom is as mint as you could hope for!! The kit is untouched by human hands as when I bought it, the box still had the cello around it. Unfortunately, the cello popped for some unknown reason.The box is glossy and crisp with some dip to the box surface because of the tight cello on it for 30 years! Box grades solid 9+ out of 10. A lovely item.

Banner Circus Train MIB 1950s$100
    Nice and rare to find in this box. This neat circus plastic item from the early 50s is unused old storestock. The box has dirt/dust on some sides from sitting in same spot for decades so although in strong condition the box grades conservatively at very good+.....but have you ever even seen this box? Not mechanical and did not come with any figures or other items--it's complete. About 12 inches long.

Barbie 1967 Mattel Header Sign-FANTASTIC!SEE EBAY
    Die-cut large 26 X 18 sign is excellent to near mint......very graphic!!

Baseball Wiffleball McCarver-Swoboda Photos 1960s$25
    Late 1960s era Wiffle ball is unused old store stock with Cardinals Tim McCarver and Mets Swoboda photos on the box lid. Ball itself is generic and unmarked with any team or player. Box is not terribly colorful but that is as made. Box Condition is at least very fine and near new.

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Batman 1960s Ideal Utility Belt NMIBSOLD!!
    one of the holy grails of 60s toys!! contents appear unused, has instructions and complete except for flashlight, killer rare large box is crisp C8.5 with original cello window, a GEM!!

Batman 1960s Watch MIBSOLD!
    stunning well-made adult watch from the 60s, absolutely mint unused, VERY RARE and not shown in any books; by LUNA Watch CO, box is clear plastic with paper insert that is very graphic

Batman Print Putty 1960s$90
    Colorforms 1966-unused old stock!! This package is very fragile due to the intricate batwing design and some wing-tips have minor bend or rounding. Some wavy-ness due to blister natural aging but about as good as you could hope to find. Overall very fine condition.

Blondie 1934 Peg Set NMIB -GREAT BOX$150
    Very colorful box is C8.5 and contents appear unused

Brady Bunch Ping Pong MOC$85
    Heres the story.......of a stupid toy....that really hasnt a thing to do with the show!! Leave it to Larami to do a toy like this. 1973 and card is the only Brady thing here. The
toy is a generic item but hey this is still a RARE Brady item. Unused old stock. Near mint.

Buffalo Bee Sebastian Miniature 1950sSOLD
    Nabisco commisioned only 1500 of these in 1957 for this ICON OF CEREAL. Detail is astounding and paint job makes him look real!! Condition C8.5 with 2 minor chips on wing and hat tip..see photo

Bullwinkle Clock Bank$50
    This great item is still in the package unused from old store stock! The clock feature is just that you move his arms- it's not a real clock!! When you move arms, a series of colorful pictures shows through window at 12 o'clock. Also a bank, too. Plastic and paper face with great package art. Dated 1969 by Larami Co.Slight age wear overall , not from use. Card still grades very fine-near mint. Card size approx. 9x7.

Bullwinkle Electric Quiz Game 1970s$35
    A cool 1971 Larami item that has very colorful multi character cards as part of the game. Unused old store stock with minor wear mostly as rounded or curled corners.

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Bullwinkle Travel Games MOC$35
    Larami 1969..this item is a small suitcase containing four generic puzzle type items
such as tile, ball in hole, pinball, space gun. Suitcase has Bullwinkle sticker only. Package is where the Moose is most prominent. Unused old store stock near mint.

Capt Crunch Sea Dog Spy Kit MIPSOLD
    classic cereal premium as MINT as they come!!

Capt. America Gun and Badge set$35
    Larami 1974 and near mint....a nice Capt America item. Gun has only a sticker with CA name but badge is very colorful with CA full figure. Header card very colorful, too. An uncommon item and unused old store stock.

Celluloid Elephant 1930s-40s Japan$700
    a static toy -- NOT mechanical but the kids heads are strung on (as made) making this a truly great piece that most vintage celluloid dealers have never even seen; condition C8.5....about 7 inches long

Cookie Jar--Caveman on BrontosaurusSEE EBAY
    Marked Neptune 1974...this is a GREAT LOOKING piece. Not shown in any cookie jar books. Condition is near mint.

Curse of the Demon 1950s Lobby CardSOLD
    the best card of the set! has some pinholes around corners, C8.5, GREAT IMAGE

Davey Crockett Childs Shirt 1950s$85
    unauthorized item but very nice graphics ; appears unused and C9

Davey Crockett Dart Target MIB$95
    A VERY RARE 1950s Crockett item but the contents are unmarked. The box is very crisp and glossy with a new look but close inspection reveals some rubbing wear and dirt in some areas. Box overall very fine. Unused old store stock. Not licensed Disney!!!

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Davey Crockett Fess Parker School Bag $250 UNBOXED
    HAVE ONLY AN UNBOXED ONE LEFT-----1950s INCREDIBLE Disney Davy Crockett Fess Parker book bag unused old stock in the box. This item really has to be seen to be believed!! The detail of the bag is FANTASTIC and it is as MINT as you will ever hope to find. Some small metal studs have tarnish but what can you expect for 40+ years old? The LARGE box has only overall wear with no major problems....some corner creases, rubbing wear , bottom of box a liitle warped but still grades at solid FINE or better. DO NOT let this one get away!! Your books need it, your laptop could fit in here and all the guys at work would just hate you.

Davey Crockett Lasso and Hat MIP$100
    great generic item with package that converts into a hat; lasso is unmarked; unused old stock

Davey Crockett Vinyl Vest 1950s$85
    unauthorized item but very nice graphics on front and back; appears unused and C9

Davey Crockett Water gun$75
    1950s Knickerbocker plastic water gun is unused old store stock!! Beautiful package and the gun IS marked Davey Crockett

Davy Crockett OFFICIAL Coon Skin Cap MIB$200
    A true ICON of the 50s; EVERY kid wanted one of these REAL FUR hats to help fight the bad guys; unused old stock, still has tag that went on hat with some rust on staple and hat is not as supple as it was 40+ years ago but you will never find a better one!! Box is BEAUTIFUL and grades about 8.5 with vivid color

Disney Alice In Wonderland Cookie JarSOLD!!
    this is indeed the scarce and elusive REGAL CHINA Alice cookie jar; C9.5 with only a small stress line near the rim, a BEAUTY!

Disney Ferdinand the Bull Composition Doll In RARE Box$750
    1930s jointed doll is very hard to find in this C9+ condition but the box is almost UNHEARD OF! The box is very graphic and in C7.5 condition, a little fragile but displays better than it sounds

Disney Goofy Watch MIB early 70s Bradlet$300
    Goofy watches are not easy to find and this early 70s one is MINT UNUSED, Bradley

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Disney Minnie Mouse Watch MIB early 70sSOLD
    Ingersoll wide band with $12.95 original price!
Box is hard plastic with no graphics just name on top and inside of lid, ABSOLUTELY MINT UNUSED

Disney Snow White Watch MIB 70s$350
    beautiful box and a RARE watch MINT UNUSED, early 70s Bradley

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Watch 1972$750
    absolutely mint unused in the box, 1972 LaFayette Watch CO with great illustrated booklet

Dragnet Jack Webb Water Gun MIB$125
    1955 Jack Webb Dragnet water gun is unused old stock but box is wavy and has damage to the left side, tear and crease and some dirt...see photo. Also a little crushed on sides. Box still grades fine.

GI Joe Sleeping Bag 1964 MOC$60
    the original 1964 stuff right here! never used old stock has a few minor cello splits and NO HELMET STICKER on cello; photo shows the one I sold already

Hanna Barbera 1960s Atom Ant DollSOLD
    UNBELIEVABLE 11 inches and the best figural likeness of ATOM ANT I've ever seen........in case you don't know, this item is SUPER RARE. Condition- C9 near mint!

Hanna Barbera 45 records UNUSED$25@ or $45 pair
    Here are 2 Hanna Barbera unused old store stock 45s with sleeves from around 1965. One is Merry Christmas with multiple characters....Flintstones, Magilla, Snagglepuss, Huck, Etc. The other is Fred Goldirocks and the 3 bearosauruses. Near mint with only minor wear. You could not hope to find better!!

Hanna Barbera Jonny Quest 45s MINT$95
    these are 2 different JQuest 45s MINT UNUSED in their sleeves, rarely seen counterparts of the 33 LPS, sleeves areglossy crisp very fine-near mint unused old store stockwith beautiful art on sleeves, not recommended for dancing!!content is different on each, original 1960s issues.Can you resist such quality items? I think you cannot!

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Hartland Aliens TestsSOLD
    From a former Hartland employee--the same place that made the classic baseball figures in the 50s and 60s!! Three different aliens in all white HARD plastic.The regular store issues were colored soft plastic and are IMPOSSIBLE to find. These inhouse tests are probably UNIQUE.

Hockey's Bobby Hull Skate Sharpener MOCSOLD
    1960s RARE Bobby Hull skate sharpener. Issued in Canada with bilingual text. Unused old stock. Card is nice very fine. Great photo image of one of hockeys greatest.

Jay Ward 1971 Caricature Watch MIB 25 jewelsSOLD!!
    Possibly the rarest mass produced Jay Ward collectible, this retailed for $29.95 in 1972 in killer red display box only sent with the 25 jewel boxes; all of these watches are shown in the Hy Brown Comic Character Timepieces book by Schiffer. You had to order them through the MAIL ORDER ONLY from the JAY WARD Emporium and the cost ranged from $14.95-$19.95 for the 17 jewel and $29.95 for the 25 jewel.....
VERY EXPENSIVE in those days but they are in high quality metal cases. Almost all of the Ward watches ever produced are available here from a collection I purchased from a single owner who ordered them in the early 70s--- a ONCE IN A LIFETIME COLLECTION since I have been buying collectibles for over 20 years and have never even seen most of these watches for sale EVER!!
Many people arent even aware these watches exist!
Go here to see actual Jay Ward 1972 catalog pages
click hereand click here

Jay Ward 1971 WC Fields 17 jewel Watch MIP$950
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch; face says- Any man who hates dogs and children can't be all bad. Classic!

Jay Ward 1971 WC Fields style 2 17 jewel Watch MIPSOLD
    MIP unopened with loose guarantee

Jay Ward 1972 Ape Watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 Boris Badenov Watch 17 jewel MIP$1000
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 Budweiser Watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    has guarantee; see details under the Jay Ward watch

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Jay Ward 1972 Bullwinkle Watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    unopened with loose guarantee

Jay Ward 1972 Buster Keaton 17 jewel Watch MIPSOLD
    unopened MIP with loose guarantee

Jay Ward 1972 Dudley Do Right Watch 17 jewels MIPSOLD
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 Ford 1910 Model T Watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    has loose guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 George of the Jungle 17 jewel watch MIPSOLD
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 Hoppity Hooper 17 jewel watch MIPSOLD
    unopened MIP with loose guarantee

Jay Ward 1972 Natasha 17 jewel watch MIP$1000
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 Nell and Horse Watch 17 jewel watch MIPSOLD
    unopened MIP with loose guarantee

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Jay Ward 1972 Rocky Watch 17 jewel MIP$1000
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 SHAFT Movie Watch MINT$1500
    with loose guarantee; MGM 1972 17 jewel

Jay Ward 1972 Shep Watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    unopened MIP with loose guarantee

Jay Ward 1972 Snidely Whiplash watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Jay Ward 1972 Snidely and Nell 25 jewel Automatic Self-wind MIBSOLD
    this item retailed for $29.95 in 1972!!! with plain white sleeve box and killer red display box;see Jay Ward watch for details

Jay Ward 1972 Super Chicken watch 17 jewel MIPSOLD
    has guarantee and color flyer for Bullwinkle Burt Reynolds parody poster; see details under the Jay Ward watch

Kelloggs Variety Pack Cereal 1940s store signSOLD
    Great image of a cereal institution: the variety pack! This sign is in the original store frame with side-slot slide in feature and is in about C7.5 condition but the wear is concentrated on the edges where it is not very visible; about 2.5 X 1.75 feet

Lone Ranger Wallpaper late 40s-early 50s$75
    This extremely colorful and RARE childrens wallpaper displays great. Mounted on foam backing with cello wrap, its ready for framing! Approx Size 20 X 20 inches.......a great display piece.

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Marvel Superhero 1960s Marx TrainSOLD!!!!
    very rare tin windup, C8.5 condition, very clean

Miss Mod early 70s Black girl$45
    Early 70s doll by an off manufacturer. About 12 inches high unused old stock. Has very dated look and makes you want to do the Swim.

Monster Spoons 60s Universal Studios$60
    This set of plastic spoons features Creature, Wolfman, Mummy, and Frankenstein made by Zoo Piks in the 1960s. Mint, Unused old store stock with VERY good detail.

Mother Goose Shoes Ad Figure and Shoes 1950s$350
    great store display figure with actual shoes in great graphic box; VERY difficult to find the figure with all accessories; about 14 inches

PEZ Advertising Regular "YOUR AD COPY VERSION 2"SOLD!!
    The only one currently known!!! Never seen it, never had it, never heard of it. I would rank this up there with the 1954 NCWA ad reg which I sold in 1997 for $5500. If you want a piece in your collection that will make other collectors HATE you....this is the item for you. Only very minor wear......this also was used as a salesman's sample in the 1950s. I cannot say enough good things about this one. A cornerstone item.

PEZ Advertising Regular "YOUR AD COPY"SOLD!!
    This is one of 2 known of this ad reg. Gold cap, strange stem color appears black but held to light is slightly translucent VERY dark brown with hints of dark purple but this is all very subtle. 1950s salesman sample shown to possible customers as a mockup in ordering their own. I consider this to be one of the most desirable dispensers I've ever owned. A REAL KILLER. Some minor defects.

PEZ Anise box of Candy 1950s GREAT!SOLD
    A great example of the era when PEZ wasn't just for kids. These 50s "girl" boxes are unbearably rare and virtually impossible to find although anise has turned up more than other flavors.

PEZ Boy with Cap MOC RARE HEART CARD$225 0r $200 slight damage
    early 80s and great graphics, very hard to find this nice due to odd shape

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PEZ Capt. America MOC$135-160
    early 80s generic card comes in either red, green, or blue; due to an inherent factory flaw some have splits in the mask and a few have fraying on card edge but not badly: the better ones have the higher price

PEZ Football PLayer Display Box Full 24 MIB DispensersSOLD
    A great display box from the end of the Golden era of display boxes when one dispenser had its own box rather than a mix in the same box. Amazing 24 boxed football players from the early 90s NJ find that yielded about 5 boxes in varying conditions. This one is immaculate.......hut 2,3,4.....HIKE!!

PEZ Full Body Santa Claus Display Box Full 12 SantasSOLD
    Merry Christmas! Your stocking won't be empty this year with 12 busy Santas bearing fine gifts for you. OK OK I'm a little silly here but you can't believe how cool this box is. About 8 years ago there were around 6 of these found in a church basement in Iowa and this one is from that find. A real nice item and the Santas are the best you could ever hope to find each with PAPER WORK!!

PEZ Full Body Space Trooper Robot Display BOX full with 12 robotsSOLD
    I love America, yes I do! Will you look at this amazing thing of beauty? This display box is currently the only one known among collectors and it has 12 immaculate troopers. Have any of you noticed how HARD these are to find in good shape these days?? Owning this will make you a true citizen of the PEZ universe.

PEZ Girl MOC RARE HEART CARD$180 or $150 slight damage
    early 80s and great graphics, hard to find this nice due to odd shape

PEZ Green Hornet Display box with 24 MIP Dispensers!!SOLD
    Can you believe your eyes??!! I sure can't! This is one of the great items in the PEZ hobby. About 6 of these turned up several years ago and this is one from that find--with original box cover. Do you feel the love?

PEZ Items For Sale.........click here!HUGE LIST OF GREAT ITEMS!!!!!!
    I have other items for sale not shown on this FOR SALE PAGE.
Click above to see my PEZ sales list.

PEZ Make A Face European MOCSOLD!
    Can you believe your eyes? This card is about as good as they come. It has a very crisp mint appaerance but it has some minor typical flaws--- about C9.5. Contents as usual have 1 less piece than the USA issue. Call for details. See back of card click here

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PEZ Merry Music Makers MOCSOLD OUT!
    The sets are SOLD OUT! I do have some Donkeys and Lambs left in the $100-150 each range as some have minor to significant moisture stains on the card. Rare to see these cards even though not that old...early 80s. First time I have had even one example in almost 10 years.

PEZ Peter Pez MOC$150
    early 80s on generic blister card

PEZ Psychedelic Flower previously unknown RARE COLORsold!!
    as seen on my PEZ sales list, this is similar to color #11 on P.333 in my book Coll PEZ but more dense and darker....shown next to Pink left, red middle for comparison......MINT but small iris defect, 2 stickers

PEZ Regulars various colors$225@
    plastic pin hinge on cap; 1960s; 2.6 Austria

PEZ Tom or Jerry MOC$150 each
    early 80s on generic blister crd

PEZ Vending Machine Bank NMIB 1960sSOLD!
    Extremely rare toy in killer box. Few people are even aware of this item's existence!! Made by German GAMA this mechanical bank actually dispenses PEZ candy when loaded. Box is solid very fine and bank has only very minor wear with a small chip out of rear corner. Plastic housing with metal face and interior mechanism.

Peanuts Snoopy Watch MIB 1968$450
    absolutely mint unused in box, possibly the FIRST Snoopy watcn by Another Determined Prod; SF,CA with the wide late 60s vinyl band

Popeye Watch 1971 Sheffield MIB in GREAT BOXSOLD
    this watch is SUPER RARE with a $15 original price in 1971. Box is stunning! By Sheffield. Comes with free magnifying glass for some reason!

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Robot 1971 AHI Remote Batt-Op MOC$175
    A great plastic robot about 4.5 inches high MOC. Very tough to find this on the card.

Robot Coca Cola R2-D2 Knock-Off$325
    appears unused with near mint contents, instructions and inserts from the late 70s. Box has some wear but is still a strong C8 to 8.5. A great crossover item for space, robot, Coke, AND Star Wars collectors

Robot- Robert the Robot Childrens Record 50sSOLD
    this very rare record is obviously related to the classic 50s IDEAL robot toy, C9 and with a great jacket, Cricket records

S.W.A.T. Weapons Accessory Set unused MIB SOLD
    the Batman Utility Belt of the late 70s!! A rarely seen item from the TV show in LARGE window box. HG Toys and C9 box

Sgt. Preston of the Yukon Poster$325
    yes this is the rare premium PRIZE poster given to winners of a 1950s contest; poster is VFN-NM in a frame that has a crack on the acrylic glass

Showboat Remco 1960s Store DisplaySOLD
    What a GREAT item!!! This classic 60s toy allowed you to put on plays with scripts, figures,etc and was popular with boys AND girls and best of all....this is the STORE DISPLAY itself that was on display to show kids what it looked like. A huge 3 feet wide and in the shipper box.Complete and near mint except in need of some cleaning- minor

Snow Crop tin litho Advertising Van$135
    friction tin vehicle has overall even wear, no glaring defects, definitely played with, not for the very picky condition-wise C7.5

Space Buck Rogers 30s BLB City of Floating GlobesSOLD
    the VERY RARE softcover premium BLB VFN/NM 1930s

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Space Explorer Watch 1967 MIBSOLD
    1967 Bradley RARE and MINT UNUSED with metal expansion band

Space Station Linemar Elegant Miniature Die Cast 1950s$175
    a small item only about 2 inches but very hard to find. The box is nice C8.5+, toy near mint unused.

Space Train 1950s plastic MOCSOLD
    A great 1950s space item that is MOC; card is a vision of loveliness--classic 50s space and C8.5

Star Wars Han Solo MOC$425
    small head, 12 back unpunched card C9.5, leg and head has some frosting, a typical problem on these

Star Wars Store Display Sign$250
    2 sided for 21 figures, around 1978, C9+, very appealing

Tops- Champion Tops full Store Display box$225
    24 wooden tops and strings , various colors, all unused old store stock, box C8.5

Whitman Candy Man 1940s Store Standee$300
    Classic 1940s ad character is over 3 feet tall; condition is strong especially considering it's size and die cut edges that are begging to break off; a few minor repairs to reinforce weak edges; overall C8

Wizard of Oz Christmas Ornaments$175 set
    1960s Japan probably unauthorized but VERY detailed and charming. Set has an arts and crafts look but still high quality

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